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A strategists job is about having the ability to filter the world and process the information in order to form concise insights. It is comprised of constant discovery; pulling from real life encounters outside the walls of a classroom or office, and an eagerness to be exposed to unfamiliar experiences.

Focusing on community, being empathetic, having an awareness of how actions will affect others, and being confident in decision making are critical aspects of a good strategist and a good human being. Being a strategist also involves making mistakes and failing (more times than one would care to admit), but finding ways to move forward using those experiences as motivation and inspiration.

I am purposeful, I challenge uniformity and provoke thought.  My goal is to be the starting point for ideas that will change behavior and shape culture.

heroes + influencers

This is my grandpa.


The man who moved his family 3,000 miles for a better life. He's the reason why I've been blessed with so many opportunities. Also, his face says all you need to know about our relationship. So much love, and so much confusion.

Full disclosure: I may or may not still make that face when thinking.

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other things about me


I'm Will

First generation American, Maryland born, Salvadorian roots


According to Myers Briggs i'm an [ISTP]


According to Buzzfeed being an ISTP makes this my spirit animal.


These are my boys, They're the best boys.


Noah (7), Lukas (1.5), Logan (7)


Shark Week is my favorite week


I still have an irrational fear of sharks in the deep end of the pool.

VCU Brandcenter graduate, with a background in psychology. 

Before advertising, I worked in a psychiatric hospital. I learned many valuable lessons on the admissions unit. The biggest one that will continue to resonate with me is that people’s mental illnesses are just as unique as them. Wanting to apply what I learned in a textbook, I realized that there was so much more to mental illness than a DSM code. I learned that even when stressors and symptoms are shared, they can have a different effect on the individual. While psychiatric evaluation and medications were the keys to their improvement, empathetic listening often played a critical role in many of their treatments.

I've been on the other side of ride-sharing. 

Ride-sharing is a great way to make a little extra cash on the side. It's also great opportunity to be human. I've been that driver who asks questions and tries to engage riders in a conversation. Attempting to start a conversation with a complete stranger is all about observing their body language, enthusiasm, and genuine interest. Doesn't always work but, it's led to a few great conversations and even interesting project ideas.