The Challenge

Create a sustainable reform program with a creative and educational component  

The Tension & Insights

You can't fake the blues, the blues inherently comes from a place of pain and turmoil. 

The Strategy 

Find an authentic source of the Blues.

The Concept

Five To Life Records

Creative Execution  

Launch a reform program that's also doubles as a Blues record label.

It starts in Detriot

Members of the Detroit Blues Society will educate inmates at the Old Wayne County Jail in Detroit. They'll cover blues history and basic music composition. The blues requires less technical training; the more weathered the singer the better. 


As the program progresses 

Standout inmates will be selected to perform their original songs live. The performance will take place in the Old Wayne County Jail, while being broadcast live to ticketed viewers in historic blues theaters across the country.


The Release

We'll record Old Wayne County Jail Live and release four songs on a 7" record. Profits from record sales will go right back into funding the Five To Life program at Old Wayne County Jail and kick starting new programs in other prisons. We'll crowd-fund each release and put the profits back into the program.


Program Ecosystem 

The Team

Allison Apperson | Anthony Kondeati | Kevin Fitz