The Challenge

Spread accurate information without the influence of personal beliefs with the goal of decreasing tension and anxiety between refugees, refugee camps, and the world.

Develop a lens that helps people understand and empathize with the walk of others in order to create positive change.



Don't know their own right or the process of becoming recognized as a refugee

Camp Workers

Camp workers find it difficult to disseminate information to refugees

The World

Citizens of the world don;t understand refugee rights and their perception of refugees is altered by the media


According to International Refugee Law: Legally, refugees are supposed to be treated like regular immigrants or even national citizens in all cases. 


Make sure refugees understand their right as early as possible

Camp Workers

Create a visual language for refugee camps

The World

Give citizens real, non-media biased information about refugee rights and citizens' responsibilities.


Make refugees feel like neighbors, not enemies.

To help alleviate some of the tension, we want to work with the company whose mission is "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful."  


A philanthropic extension of Google focused on disseminating accurate and non-bias information to both refugees and citizens of countries who are receiving refugees.


Informational video:

Becoming a refugee is a necessity, driven by fear. Many travel thousands of miles risking their lives for the possibility of a better future. Their fear is exacerbated by registration efforts that routinely occur at all refugee camps.  Most fear that the information gathered is used and sent back to the country they're fleeing from. The purpose of our informational video is intended educate the refugees on the registration process prior to their arrival to the camps. 


A major pain point within the refugee camps is the inability to communicate due to language barriers. Creating a basic visual language will ease the tension in directing people to the appropriate location. 


Refugee Rights:

As we try to make the camp a less stressful environment, we also have the opportunity to further educate workers/ volunteers and refugees via our Google Neighbors application programmed on tablets, located in the community center. It will also have the functionality to record personal stories aggregated by google and uploaded to the Google Neighbors micro site.


World refugee day:

Google landing page take over by a real time look at different refugees camps around the world.

The team: 

Allison Apperson | Grace Xie | Nitin Dua | Olivia Cooper