The Challenge

Create a more active consumer interaction. 

The Research

Conducted a brand audit- In-store walkthroughs (planogram), financial (brand + industry) research

Conducted primary + secondary consumer research surrounding the perception of cooking, grocery shopping and spices.

The Tension & Insights

There's an increasing emphasis on how our food ends up our plates but spices don't seem to be held to the same level scrutiny.

The Strategy 

Increase the value spices play in our daily lives, by changing the way we (McCormicks) handle and showcase our spices. 

The Campaign  

Its Time To Takes Spices Seriously, Again. 


Creative Execution

To show people McCormicks takes their spices seriously, we realized the best solution was packaging redesign and innovation. We had to address three things: Convenience, Freshness, Brand Cohesion



To make the spices easier to identify in a spice cabinet, the cap is tilted and the name of the spice is visible in bold lettering. The new cap design also functions as a measuring spoon so users can easily measure tsp and tbsp.


The updated packaging is an opaque plastic  to keep light out but has a small clear space in the front to let the consumer see the contents. In addition, the freshness sticker on the cap changes color from white to red when the spice should be replaced.

Brand Cohesion

To create a more cohesive brand identity the same design is used for all McCormick spices but the three lines are discerned by color.

The Team

Alexis Kafkis | Chane Rennie | Jon Northrop | Prateek Patnaik