Is Michaels still a craft store?

Michaels doesn't mess around. With over 1,168 stores nationwide and 18,000 square feet filled of creative potential. Their extensive catalog of products has led the brand to steady growth since its inception, with the company ending 2014 with $4.7 billion in sales.

Although Michaels has shown sales growth year over year, a closer look reveals that over 50% of Michaels revenue comes from Q4 alone. Sales growth largely due to the sale of pre-made seasonal décor, not crafts.

Getting back to basics

Michaels is your partner for turning crafts, invaluable. Crafting can be time intensive, relaxing, frustrating, rewarding, and difficult, all at the same time. There's something special that comes from creating something by hand. You remember the time and effort you put in to it. 

You’ll proudly display no matter what. You don't create those same memories by simply buying. Crafts will remain on your parent’s walls for years, crafts become that wooden bench you cant sit on for more than 5 minutes but you can’t imagine getting rid of, crafts become truly invaluable.


You can't buy the memory

Creative Concept:

Make something priceless

Creative Executions:

We wanted to re-associate Michaels with crafting. By redesigning the store we made the shopping experience feel welcoming, a place where if you spent hours you weren’t going to feel overwhelmed. Our campaign reverberates the same idea but with the added since of pride in the outcome your project.


In-store signage

Retail Packaging 


Aesthetically we changed the signage, packaging, and end caps to mimic a homemade look. Michaels also employs over 80 social media influencers to create crafts. We redesigned the endcaps to showcase influencer projects and make all necessary tools supplies easily available.

App Redesign:

We also redesigned their app to add more functionality. We incorporated a feature that allows you to find products easier and also be able to ask for help . We also added a feature that generates new project ideas giving both new crafters and those more experience, the ability to find new inspiration.


Print/ OOH:

With all the changes made to the in-store experience we launched a campaign focused on Michaels as your partner for making luxurious items- Create Something Priceless.  Below is our print and out-of-home. 

Video Spot:

Finally to complete the campaign we created a 30-second spot that would run on Hulu and YouTube. We decided to create puppets that showed off the luxurious lifestyle by mimicking a rap artist music video. 

"We Made It" 2015 Richmond Ad Show Winner

The team: 

Caitlin Hines | Michell Darnell | Stephen Shocket | Victoria McGoogan

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